Highest Gold Rates

Sell With Confidence! We will beat all legitimate offers!​

Customers at Catalina Pawn can be confident that they are always getting the best price. On top of that we guarantee that we will always beat all genuine offers.

The best pawn customers are customers who understand what their merchandise is truly worth before they come to the store. This is crucial because selling gold can often be complicated.

The confusion is compounded by the fact that some buyers purchase gold based on grams and other base the buying price on pennyweight. This confusion leaves customer uneasy and unsure regarding who they can rely on to give them the best price.
Should you bring your merchandise to a traditional jewelry store, a pawn shop, a business that buys gold, a gold party or take the risk of losing your gold by mailing it to an online buyer?
At Catalina Pawn, we suggest the best way to get the best price for your gold is to shop around and truly understand what you are trying to selling. When shopping around, ask for an exact dollar price from each person you contact. This ensures that you are able to make a truly accurate comparison when you are ready to decide who to sell your gold to.

Why you should see us?

The answer is easy. At Catalina Pawn, our pricing is based on the purity of the gold you are selling. This means we consistently pay more for gold than our competitors. We have been in the business of purchasing gold locally for over 17 years, and pride ourselves on understanding the business of gold very well. We make sure our prices are fair because we value the long, strong reputation we have built in our community. When our customers leave the store, we want each one of them to feel they have been treated fairly and with respect. To experience our service firsthand, come see our experts, and we will surely not disappoint you.

Important gold facts to know before you shop or sell:

  • When gold is sold it is measured in “karats.”
  • 24-karat gold is considered pure gold, however the metal is way to precious for jewelry making, so metals have to be added to gold to ensure it is strong enough to be used in jewelry.
  • 18-karat gold is equivalent to 75% gold and is generally used in very fine jewelry.
  • 14-karat gold is 58.3% gold and still considered to be good quality gold.
  • 10-karat gold is 41.7% gold and has become very popular during the last 15 years.
  • On some pieces of jewelery it is immediately possible to determine the gold karat because the karat weight is stamped directly on the jewelry.
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