Auto Title Loans

How an Auto Title Loan Works

An  auto  title  loan  or  car  title  loan  involves  the  use  of  one’s  car  title  as  collateral  to  secure  a  loan.  One  major  benefit of  this  loan  is  that  you  do  not  have  to  give  up  your  car  once  the  loan  is  approved.  You  get  to  keep  and  use  the  car  even  while  the  loan  is  still  active.  Car  title  loans  are  growing  in  popularity  as  it  is  an  easy  way  to  generate  fast  cash  and  they  do  have  some  great  benefits  to  them.

What We Need for a Title Loan

Like any other loan, there are certain requirements you will need to meet if you are to qualify for this loan. This may differ a bit from agency to agency, but the requirements are really basic. The main requirements are:

1. A title that is free and clear.

2. Proof of income which should be a verified income of $1000.

3. Spare keys.

4. An appraisal of the vehicle. The loan agency will more than likely just check your vehicle, and do an evaluation to determine if it can be used to secure the loan. Some agencies will allow you to even apply for the loan without taking in the vehicle for an inspection.

Advantages of an Auto Title Loan
1. No credit check: No background or credit history checks are done for car title loans.
2. The owner does not lose the use of the vehicle: The borrower gets to keep and use the vehicle as the collateral is the title not the vehicle itself.
3. Application can be done online which means you do not even have to drive to the agency.
4. Immediate cash: This is a very fast way to secure some money. You can walk away with the cash you need sometimes in as little as 15 minutes.
Why Catalina Pawn Title Loans
In addition to all our other services, Catalina Pawn offers our customers the opportunity of acquiring a car title loan in a fast and efficient manner. The application process is quick and easy, as we know people are busy and do not need to sit around waiting. We have the lowest interest rates you will be able to find anywhere, and you will never have to worry about your repayment costs being secretly hiked. Catalina Pawn is conveniently located so you have easy access to us. Our experts will be right on hand to assist you, and we will not run a credit check on you.
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