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Welcome to the Catalina Pawn shop, serving the Catalina Arizona area, and you. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or browse, we are one of the best pawn shops you will find in the Catalina area.

Why Catalina Pawn?

Our company prides itself in its expertise, knowledge, and revolving entirely around our customers. We are proud to offer high quality items with prices that cannot be beaten. We strive hard to offer more money for our items compared to other pawn shops or jewelry stores in the local area. Stop by our store to see how easy it is to turn your old or unwanted items that have just been lying around and collecting dust into cash.

We are always looking to buy and will pay top dollar for the following Items:

Digital camera
Game consoles
Car audio
Fine jewelry
Outdoor Gear
Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers

What do we do?

Whether you are looking for a collateral loan or to sell your items, our knowledgeable and highly trained staff will work with you to provide you with the most money possible. Each individual item is appraised carefully to provide our customers with the highest monetary value for their possessions. We buy a variety of valuable items including: gold, jewelry, electronics, and much more.

To see how much your valuables are worth, come and visit us today. If you are unable to come to our local shop, please feel free to use our online appraisal feature at http://www.catalinapawn.com/other-products/.

If you are just looking for a temporary loan, we promise to you that we will never put your items up for sale, or even on display, during the period of your loan. We promise to keep your items stored securely in our vault until you allow us to sell them, you reclaim them, or the hold date for the loan has ended and has not been repaid.

What do we offer?

From electronics to jewelry, our inventory is based around the local area and daily transactions from our customers. Because of this, our inventory also changes daily. Shopping at Catalina Pawn is an exciting and unique experience, because you will never know what you find each time you walk through our doors.

Our high quality and hand-selected jewelry inventory is above all the rest. Every diamond we purchase is authenticated by our staff to ensure the value of the metal and diamonds. Validation processes for our jewelry include measuring weights such as gold and total diamond weight, and visually inspecting to verify the clarity of each stone. These steps and more are performed to confirm the quality and value of the jewelry you are buying.

If you are in the market for a gift, we have individual jewelry boxes and packaging for all of your precious metal purchases.

For more information about what it is we have to offer, please come by and visit. You may also view our featured listings at http://www.catalinapawn.com/featured-products/ or our eBay store at http://www.ebay.com/sch/catalinapawn520/m.html.

Where are we?

We are conveniently located on the corner of North Oracle Road and East Everett Street at 16256 North Oracle Road, Suite 160. We are directly across the street from Hardin Brothers Automotive, Inc.

Tucson Pawn Shops | Pawn Shop Tucson | Pawn Shops Tucson | Pawn Shops Tucson AZ


We are always available for our valued clients. Please let us know of any way we can assist you or make your website to our website more pleasant. Look forward to hearing from you, Catalina Pawn team.

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