Thinking Straight: The Power, Promise and Paradox of by Chrys Ingraham PDF

By Chrys Ingraham

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This number of unique essays will resolve the present heterosexual scene in elements: one on rights and privileges, the opposite on pop culture. themes lined comprise weddings, proms, citizenship, marriage consequences, cartoons, mermaids and fantasy.

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Griffin and A. ) Standpoints and differences. London: Sage. ———. 1999a. Heterosexuality in question. London: Sage. ———. 1999b. html ———. 2000. For a sociological feminism, in J. Eldridge, J. MacInnes, S. Scott, C. Warhurst and A. ) For sociology. Durham: Sociology Press. ———. 2001. Why a materialist feminism is still possible (and necessary), Women’s studies international forum, 24(2–3). 36 • Stevi Jackson Jackson, S. and S. Scott. 1997. Gut reactions to matters of the heart: reflections on rationality, irrationality and sexuality, Sociological review, 45(4): 551–575.

I am not suggesting that children are intrinsically asexual (or intrinsically sexual either). Rather, the distribution of sexual knowledge within our society and the definition of children as asexual innocents means that their access to crucial elements of adult sexual knowledge is restricted. , 1999; Jackson and Scott 2000). 33. See Delphy, 1993 34. 1 Previously, accounts of a homosexual’s unique subordinate status were explained by referring to either individual acts of harassment or legal disenfranchisement.

While she effectively demonstrates that gender is a construction with no necessary relationship to particular bodies or sexualities (1990) and has insisted that gender is no ephemeral, voluntaristic performance (1993), she seems unable to relate it to the social contexts of its construction. In Bodies That Matter, she discusses the enforced “materialization” of “sexed” bodies as coercive and constraining, but conceptualizes these processes and effects almost entirely in terms of norms—with no sense of where these norms come from, why they are effective, or how they are constituted (Ramazanoglu 1995)—and with no discussion of how they impact upon everyday social relations and practices.

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