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By John Blaine

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Known to his neighbors as Hal Goodwin, Goodwin wrote renowned technology books, usually approximately house exploration, as Harold L. Goodwin, "Hal Goodwin" and "Harold Leland Goodwin". He additionally wrote kid's books as Blake Savage (Rip Foster Rides the grey Planet) and John Blaine (the Rick Brant series). within the latter case, he co-wrote (with Peter J. Harkins) the 1st three books within the sequence and wrote books four via 24 by means of himself.

It's a cat, an Egyptian Cat. Rick, Harston, Scotty and prepared off to Ciro and one other sci=advernture:

Rick sat upright in his chair. Winston going to Cairo? How did this drawback Scotty and him?

"My idea is this," Winston concluded. "The Egyptians are in need of technicians and we might have support. i will depart the day after Christmas, returning inside of ten days. for those who pays part your costs, and support me part the time, i'm going to take you with me."

Both boys jumped to their ft. Rick appeared anxiously at his father.

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It was the work of only a moment to slip the cat from his pocket and push it out of sight behind the jug that partially screened the museum cat. He smiled to himself. From the looks of the museum, it was highly unlikely that the cat ever would be noticed, even if it stood there forever. If one of the Egyptologists ever did happen to see it, there would be a new puzzle to solve. Which dynasty invented plastics? He walked to where Scotty was busy with the guard. The officer’s understanding of English was about zero, and Scotty’s knowledge of Arabic was slightly less, so they were getting nowhere.

Arms locked around his chest, pinioning his own arms to his side. He struggled violently, but the grip never yielded. From the corner of his eye he saw Scotty get in one driving punch that sent the Sudanese down to one knee,then Scotty was pinioned from behind, too. The big man and the Sudanese swung into action fast. Hands slapped Rick’s clothes in a fast but thorough search. Next to him Scotty was getting the same treatment. The big man spoke sharply in Arabic and both boys were suddenly hurled sideways, landing together in a heap.

Some guides go up to top all the time. Can show you best way. ” “Not now,” Scotty said. “Let’s look around first. ” “And I’ll be with you,” Rick said. They reached the corner of the pyramid and Rick sighted along the edge. The thing that impressed him most was the size of the individual blocks. Photographs were usually taken at sufficient distance to show the entire pyramid. At that distance they looked pretty smooth. Close up, it was a tremendous jigsaw puzzle of blocks that weighed tons. Rick had expecteda considerable number of tourists and guides, but apparently it was too early.

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