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By Richard Panek

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Some time past few years, a handful of scientists were racing to provide an explanation for a hectic point of our universe: in simple terms four percentage of it contains the problem that makes up you, me, our books, and each planet, megastar, and galaxy. The rest—96 percentage of the universe—is thoroughly unknown.
Richard Panek tells the dramatic tale of the way scientists reached this cosmos-shattering end, and what they’re doing to discover this "dark" topic and a fair weirder substance known as darkish power. this is often probably the best secret in all of technology, and fixing it's going to carry repute, investment, and positively a Nobel Prize. in keeping with in-depth, on-site reporting and countless numbers of interviews–with all people from Berkeley’s feisty Saul Perlmutter and Johns Hopkins’s meticulous Adam Riess to the quietly innovative Vera Rubin–the ebook bargains an intimate portrait of the sour rivalries and fruitful collaborations, the eureka moments and blind alleys, that experience fueled their seek, redefined technological know-how, and reinvented the universe.
The stakes couldn’t be better. Our view of the cosmos is profoundly fallacious, and Copernicus was once in simple terms the start: not only Earth, yet all universal topic is a marginal a part of life. Panek’s fast moving narrative, jam-packed with behind-the-scenes information, brings this epic tale to lifestyles for the first actual time.

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