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By Peter S. Beagle

From the bestselling writer of The final Unicorn comes an engaging tale of a friendship that transcends time”(Library Journal)...

Arriving within the marvelous geographical region of Dorset, England, to reside along with her mom and new stepfather, the younger and intensely American Jenny Gluckstein has no real interest in her ancient atmosphere, together with that of the seven-hundred acre Stourhead Farm her stepfather is restoring. Then she meets Tamsin, a kindred spirit that has haunted the lonely property for three hundred years, trapped by means of a hidden trauma she cannot take note, and via a robust evil even the spirits of evening can't identify. to aid her, Jenny needs to delve deeper into the darkish global than any human has in centuries, and face a hazard that may swap her lifestyles perpetually.

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I mostly understand English women now, but the men can drive you crazy. I didn’t say anything. I just turned and waited. Evan said, “Jenny, this must all be crazy and frightening for you, I’m sorry. You’ve not even had a chance to get used to the idea of your mother and me getting married, and right on top of it you’re having to deal with packing up your whole life and going to a strange place where nothing’s familiar. ” Sally came to stand beside him, and Evan put his arm around her. That made me feel funny—not so much him, but the way she flowed against him like water, which I’d never ever seen her do with anybody.

We’ll still be there when they’ve all gone home,” was what she said, and my stomach turned right over and froze solid, because I could see it. The sky getting darker and darker, and everybody but us gone home. Or maybe it was Mister Cat’s red label finally arriving. Sally was going to handle all the quarantine stuff, but I told her I’d do it. I didn’t want to, but he was my cat. So I wrote off to England, to MAFF (that’s the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), and they sent me an import license application to fill out, and another thing for Customs, and a whole long list of specially approved kennels and vets and what they call “carrying agents”—people who could pick up Mister Cat at Heathrow Airport and take him to wherever he was going to spend the next six miserable months.

Hammell. Anyway, I thought it was a problem, but I wasn’t sure then, and I guess I’m still not, all these years later. Mr. Hammell had beautiful one-piece walnut hair, and he had sort of ravines in his cheeks, and half the girls at Gaynor were writing stuff they’d like to do to him on the walls of the john. Some of it was funny, and some of it made me feel strange, not knowing which way to look when Marta showed me. But some of it was really funny. Anyway, for the last month or so Mr. Hammell had been maybe not exactly coming on to me.

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