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This 23nd quantity within the sequence includes 15 invited reports offered through the convention AG2010: "Zooming in, the cosmos at excessive resolution"Content:

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2011), similar to GRB-host galaxies, and similarly of low-metallicity, when measured (Stoll et al. 2011), except the host of SN 2006gy, first to be claimed as a pair-instability SN (Ofek et al. 2007; Smith et al. 2007). Furthermore, the best candidate for a pair-instability SN, SN 2007bi (Gal-Yam et al. 3Z (Young et al. 2010), so it is a subsolar galaxy, but not of extreme subsolar metallicity, as one might expect from Pop. III stars in the high-z universe. Thus, if SN 2007bi is representative of pair-instability SNe, then they should be found frequently during current and next generation of wide-area surveys, which have enough volume to discover rare transients.

We note that our earliest ground-based data points are consistent with the light-curve fits by Soderberg et al. (2008, S08; dotted lines), who use the envelope BB emission model from Waxman et al. (2007). From Modjaz et al. (2009). Soderberg et al. 2008). , showing conspicuous He lines, see Fig. 4), which implies the progenitor star had an intact He layer, but had not retained its outermost H envelope. For the first time, the very early-time peak (at ∼1 day, see Fig. 5) could be observed for this kind of SN, from which one can deduce the progenitor radius, since that peak is due to black-body emission from the cooling and expanding stellar envelope.

84 d. The characteristic optical He lines (due to blueshifted He I λλ 4471, 5876, 6678, 7061 Å) become visible starting t ∼ 12 d or tV max ∼ 6 d. From Modjaz et al. (2009). dius, which provides a powerful tool to closely investigate a single star out to cosmological distances. Besides its utility, the story of SN 2008D/XRT 080109 reminds us of the importance of serendipity to science. SN 2008D/XRT 080109 was discovered by Soderberg et al. (2008) in X-rays via the Swift satellite, because they were monitoring another SN, SN 2007uy, in the same galaxy, when suddenly XRT080109 erupted and lasted ∼600 s in X-rays.

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