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An 4. Numbers The problem in suggesting commentaries for the Book of Numbers is closely akin to that of commentaries for Leviticus. Traditionally among Christians, little attention has been paid to the book. Many of the same authors involved with Leviticus have been assigned Numbers as well. The result is that not a very wide spectrum of opinion is represented. Popular commentaries are again provided by Norman H. Snaith and James L. Mays. Both the strengths and the weaknesses noted with regard to Leviticus continue to appear in the compan­ ion commentaries of Martin Noth, Archibald R.

One of the more recent critical commentaries is E. A . Speiser's contribution in The Anchor Bible. It provides an excel­ lent translation, along with some interesting Ancient Near Eastern parallels. However, usually its theological exposition is quite thin. To most pastors and teachers, probably Nahum M. Sarna's less brilliant volume would prove to be more useful in providing a needed modern historical setting for the book. A much more theologically conserva�ive approach to the critical questions is represented by Herbert C.

Mention has already been m ad e of Wilhelm Rudolph's very detailed and enormously learned commentary. In my judgment, t� is is Rudolph 's finest commen­ tary, and his meticulous research in this difficult area has placed Old Testament scholarship in his debt. Then again, I still hold the older commentary of E rns t Bertheau in esteem. His detailed scrutiny of the Hebrew text has never been fully superseded, and much of value remains for the advanced student. Conversely, I have not found the elaborate commentary of Johann W.

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