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By Irv C. Rogers

ISBN-10: 1590130189

ISBN-13: 9781590130186

ISBN-10: 1590130464

ISBN-13: 9781590130469

4 males swim for his or her lives from the mindless spoil of the yankee sealing send Dove: Thomas, a headstrong younger sailor; Harrison, the affable, creative ship's chippie; Mr. Morgen, the Dove's pedestrian first mate; and the getting older Captain Tobit—a short-sighted bungler. Battered, empty-handed, and stripped bare, they wash up on an remoted and uncharted but bountiful volcanic island wealthy with all they should live on and thrive. yet virtually imediately, the 2 crewmen notice that, for his or her fanatical captain, hierarchy outstrips human want.

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Just curious,” Jack offered for another explanation. “Ha, has he been curious about anything afore? No, not ’less there was money to be made by it. ” “Sticks? ” another sailor asked with his head atilt and one eye winked shut. “Why that’s a river down there,” Gabe replied, pointing over the rail. ” Nat took a step closer, leaned over the side, and turned back smiling. “Nothing there ’cept seawater, Gabe. ” “Well, no, not right there. Way down below in hell. ” Nat suppressed his smile, removed his hat and held it to his chest as if addressing a lady.

Take her within four cable lengths and let go the bower,” he said absently. With his mouth half-open Mr. Morgen stared at the captain, unable to respond to what he had just been ordered. Tobit looked up and glared at the mate when he did not answer. ” he demanded. 22 M OTOO E ETEE After a pause the stunned mate asked, “Four cable lengths . . four? But should it not be. . ” “But if the wind comes around to the north’ard, they’ll not be room to veer away cable. . ” Tobit’s face reddened, and he shouted, “Damnation, man!

China, he thought, yes that would do it. They had yet to call at the factories at Whampoa. What would that be like? Would the stories he had heard told in the Port and Mystic be true or had they been exaggerated to impress or hoax boys? Were certain people there always carried about on the backs of others when they went out, and did all the men have hair that reached to their ankles? He would see it all for himself in time. Perhaps he might have the luck to buy some pretty shells, ivory, or some jade pieces there that he could sell in Boston.

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