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By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 0553899295

ISBN-13: 9780553899290

Joe Harbin hadn't killed a guy for a fortune in gold simply to sit down in criminal and enable Rodelo gather it.  but if he and his males get away and head for the stash, they prove with a couple of unwelcome companions: Rodelo and a stunning girl with a hidden past.  To get fifty thousand funds in gold throughout fifty miles of desolate tract, the determined band quick learns how a lot they wish every one other-—and how deep their greed and suspicion can run.  on the finish of the adventure lie the waters of Baja and a brand new existence in Mexico, yet first they need to continue to exist the savage warmth, bounty-hunting Yaqui Indians, and the transferring, treacherous nature of either the wasteland sands and their very own conflicting loyalties.

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Badger had no lost motion, no wasted effort. He had worked enough to know all the knacks and tricks that made hard work easier. Miller, the nearest guard toward the end of the long, blistering afternoon, walked down to them. They were completing the last hole of their round, well ahead of any of the others. “You fellows outworked every team on the job. Go turn in your tools. ” Badger straightened up, rubbing his back. “Thanks, sir. I guess you’re right. ” Badger picked up the drills one by one while Joe Harbin shouldered the double-jack.

When you made a break everybody got all excited an’ everybody was tryin’ to catch you. Three of us made a break. ” “Let’s get on with it,” Badger said impatiently. ” The night held no sound but the creak of their saddles. Tom Badger led off, walking his horse slowly until it was safely in the dust of the trail, then he put the animal to a canter and the others followed. Gopher was a problem, but that could be taken care of, if it did not take care of itself. Gopher had been lucky to escape, for he was particularly inept; but he could not be lucky all the time, and the days ahead would leave no margin for luck.

Dan took his time about picking up the cup, allowing Clint and Nora to take theirs first. ” He grinned at her. ” She sipped some of the coffee, and he smiled and did the same. ” He listened to the night, alert for strange sounds. They would come, he was sure of that. Though how could he be sure? They had been locked up in Yuma prison when he left, but men had escaped from Yuma before, and if anyone could do it, Tom Badger could and would. His waiting, his listening seemed to taunt the two with him.

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Kid Rodelo   by Louis L'Amour

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