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By Lev Psakhis

ISBN-10: 0713488255

ISBN-13: 9780713488258

The speculation at the back of the French protection has grown so exponentially that it takes 3 whole volumes to hide all of it; this is the 1st, written by way of the famous grasp of the circulate. Former Soviet champion Lev Psakhis covers the series 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 three nd2, referred to as the "Tarrach variation." notwithstanding it has lengthy been recognized to supply very good attacking customers for white, a more youthful iteration of gamers has amply confirmed that the Tarrach has many intriguing counterattacking assets, too. With a large number of video games to illustrate the concepts, plus greater than 2 hundred illustrations and a dialogue of infrequent strains, this updated, accomplished handbook is a needs to for gamers hoping to enhance their talents.

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IMi'xd 1 , which favours White. Wfd2 0-0-0 16 ... lLlxc2 1 1 . :xb7 is not a good idea; the white rook is in too active a position. 0-0-0 c4! The exclamation mark is for the strategical boldness of Black's decision. A lot of players would prefer to keep the tension in the centre, but Black is clearly announcing that he wishes to close the position and aim for a direct attack on the queenside. The battle lines have been drawn! g5?? 23. Oleg Tsvetkov A. Pyatirichenko - A real disaster, completely overlooking the reply which ends the game immediately.

Cj;>a2 i>d7! Black has the decisive threats of . . 8:ba5 and . . tal 2 1 . We 1 does not address Black's threat: 2 1 . 8:a4! bxa4 Wb4t leads to mate. 8:f2 sets the trap: 30 . . 8:xb3t?? 8:b2! and White wins. However, simply 30 . . i>d7! is again winning. 21 ... tiJeS! 29 VNb4! Cranking up the pressure and giving White a difficult choice. The c3-pawn effectively suffocates the white king. 8:h3? •• 0-1 37. Gilberto Hemandez - Karen Movsziszian Cala Galdana 1 999 8 7 The rook looks horribly awkward here.

If memory serves me correctly, I was responsible for inputting this game into ChessBase. I was also playing at Scarborough White wants to chase the queen away with lLl eg l , but he will not be given the time. Nothing else would save White either, for example 1 9. exf4, and now Black can choose between 20 . . lLl g4 transposing to the previous note, or the even simpler 2o . . gxf4 :8xf4-+ . 60 Mating the Castled King 19 ... llJh4!! A killer shot! This neat blow smashes through the white defences, removing the protection of the f3-knight by blunt force.

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