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LE. '9' ) THEN ! EoL comment CALL PUSH ! Save on stack. EoL comment PRINT *, S! Debug comment & EoL comment ELSE CALL TOLOWER ! To lowercase EoL comment END IF PRINT *, N! Debug comment & EoL comment … Finished expression analyzer FORTRAN 77 Reference Manual 1 Directives A directive passes information to a compiler in a special form of comment. ♦ Directives are also called compiler pragmas. There are two kinds of directives: • • General directives Parallel directives General Directives The form of a general directive is one of the following: • • • C$PRAGMA id C$PRAGMA id ( a [ , a ] … ) [ , id ( a [ , a ] … ) ] ,… C$PRAGMA sun id= The variable id identifies the kind of directive; a is an argument.

1 • Special characters—The following table shows the special characters that are used for punctuation: Table 1-2 Character Usage Space Ignored in statements, except as part of a character constant Tab Establish the line as a tab-format source line ♦ = Assignment + Add, unary operator – Subtract, unary operator * Multiply, alternate returns, comments, exponentiation, stdin, stdout, list-directed I/O / Divide, delimit data, labeled commons, structures, end-of-record ( ) Enclose expressions, complex constants, equivalence groups, formats, argument lists, subscripts , Separator for data, expressions, complex constants, equivalence groups, formats, argument lists, subscripts .

For hexadecimal constants, each digit must be in the range 0 to 9 or in the range A to F, or a to f. Hollerith Constants ♦ A Hollerith constant consists of an unsigned, nonzero, integer constant, followed by the letter H, followed by a string of printable characters where the integer constant designates the number of characters in the string, including any spaces and tabs. A Hollerith constant occupies 1 byte of storage for each character. A Hollerith constant is aligned on 2-byte boundaries. The FORTRAN 77 standard does not have this old Hollerith notation, although the standard recommends implementing the Hollerith feature to improve compatibility with old programs.

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