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At what lake did the Barclays pitch their first campsite?

Its eyes blinded and stinging from the blast, the giant grizzly turned and ran toward the lake. But the wind had blown some of the spray back at Paul and Jim! Both of them started to cough and gag. Tears streamed down their cheeks. Aaron slid down the tree and led his father and brother to the stream. “The bear’s gone,” he said. ” Both Paul and his son splashed their faces with cool water. About 20 minutes later, they started to feel better. Their stinging eyes were still bright red, but at 43 FOREST FIRE least they were now able to see again.

Within a few minutes, they came to a meadow where dried flowers blew in the wind. Clouds of dust puffed up as they walked along. Then suddenly, Paul stopped. “Don’t move,” he whispered. ” Paul rested his hand on Aaron’s shoulder and spoke in a low voice. “I can’t tell yet what kind of bear it is. ” Now Aaron and Jim could see the bear, too. “Maybe it won’t see us. It’s about 50 yards away,” Jim whispered. Paul lifted his head to test the air. ” Jim nodded and looked around. “Look! ” He pointed behind them to a big tree 39 FOREST FIRE that seemed to be about 20 yards away.

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