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By Louis L'Amour

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He left the West on the age of seventeen, abandoning a rootless prior and a bloody path of violence. within the East he turned one of many wealthiest financiers in America—and essentially the most feared and hated.

Now, being affected by incurable melanoma, he has come again to New Mexico to die on my own. but if an all-out variety struggle erupts, Flint chooses to aid Nancy Kerrigan, an area rancher. A cold-eyed speculator is constructing the land swindle of an entire life, and Buckdun, a infamous murderer, is there to again his play.

Flint on my own may help Nancy keep her ranch…with his money, his connections—and his gun. He nonetheless has his mythical will to struggle. All he wishes is time, and that’s speedy working out….

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You was settin on the street when I seen you, and you was hungry. I fed you. Figgered a boy needed schoolin, so I sent you. Ever year I paid. You are old enough to make out. I got nothing more for you. Come to Abilene if you want. Flint Five twenty-dollar bills were enclosed. He packed his clothes and, with nothing better to do, went to Abilene. There was no one there named Flint. After several days of inquiring he met a bartender who gave him a careful look and then suggested he stick around. At school he had learned to ride, for it had been a school for young gentlemen.

The opening was masked by an overlapping wall of rock, invisible from even a few feet away. Seated by the trunk of a cedar, Kettleman shed his pack and got out his glasses. The sun was far down in the west, and shadows had gathered in the hollows and cracks of the malpais. With infinite care Kettleman began to study the terrain below him. Far away across the lava beds, perhaps six or seven miles distant, he could see an island of green. Otherwise what lay below him was a nightmare of desolation and death, and he could see no other oasis, no such place as Flint had mentioned.

It ain't necessarily that folks are bad, but they are weak or afraid. Be strong. Be your own man. Go your own way, but whatever you do, don't go crossways of other folks' beliefs. “Keep your knowledge to yourself. Never offer information to anybody. Don't let people realize how much you know, and above all, study men. ” When the day came that the headmaster sent for him he fought down his panic. The headmaster was a severe, cold New England man. “We will be sorry to lose you,” he said. “You have been an excellent student.

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