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By Barnabas Hughes (eds.)

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Leonardo da Pisa, possibly greater referred to as Fibonacci (ca. 1170 - ca. 1240), chosen the main priceless components of Greco-Arabic geometry for the publication referred to as De practica geometrie. starting with the definitions and buildings discovered early on in Euclid's components, Fibonacci steered his reader easy methods to compute with Pisan devices of degree, locate sq. and dice roots, make certain dimensions of either rectilinear and curved surfaces and solids, paintings with tables for oblique dimension, and maybe eventually hearth the mind's eye of developers with analyses of pentagons and decagons. His paintings handed what readers might count on for the subject.

Practical Geometry is the identify of the craft for medieval landmeasurers, another way often called surveyors nowa days. Fibonacci wrote De practica geometrie for those artisans, a becoming supplement to Liber abbaci. He have been at paintings at the geometry undertaking for your time whilst a pal inspired him to accomplish the duty, which he did, going past the purely functional, as he remarked, "Some elements are offered in line with geometric demonstrations, different elements in dimensions after a lay model, with which they need to interact in response to the extra universal practice."

This translation bargains a reconstruction of De practica geometrie because the writer judges Fibonacci wrote it. with a purpose to take pleasure in what Fibonacci created, the writer considers his command of Arabic, his education, and the assets on hand to him. to those are further the authors personal perspectives on translation and feedback approximately early Renaissance Italian translations. A bibliography of basic and secondary assets follows the interpretation, accomplished via an index of names and targeted words.

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Linear is strictly by length. Area is measure by length and width in square units which require four right angles. Some gather by multiplying from these areal measures a certain quantity which they call iugerum or aripennium or carrucam or tornaturam or culturam or other quantities which require other words. I, however, follow the custom at Pisa beginning with the rod. The Pisan linear rod is six linear feet long. A linear foot consists of 18 linear points. The square or areal rod consists of six areal feet.

For example, three 8 Fibonacci’s De Practica Geometrie rods multiplied by nine rods makes 27 rods. And if one rod or several rods are multiplied by panes, or panes in several rods, whatever arises from the multiplication are panes. For example, three rods multiplied by nine panes or nine panes by three {p. 4} rods make 27 panes. And thus it must be understood about the multiplication of rods by scale, staria, and modiora, or of the multiplication of scalas, staria, and modiora by rods. Again, feet multiplied by rods or rods by feet are feet or halves of solda.

Any figure lies under or within one or more boundaries. A rectilinear figure is bounded by straight lines. A trilateral figure is bounded by three straight lines. A quadrilateral is bounded by four straight lines. A multisided figure is bounded by more than four straight lines. A circle is a plane figure lying within a single line called the circumference or periphery within which is a point from which all straight lines drawn to the circumference are equal to each other. The point is called the center of the circle.

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