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By J. Chasseguet-Smirgel

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Comprises six essays and an creation on Freudian and non-Freudian perspectives of woman sexuality. members comprise Joyce McDougal, Maria Torok and Bela Grunberger.

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I t is dif­ ficult for her to identify herself w i t h her mother on the basis of an anatomical resemblance . . because internal organs . . " B u t one must not for­ get that the little girl's relation w i t h her father and w i t h her super­ ego depends o n her p r i m a l relation w i t h her mother (with the ma­ ternal imago). 36 F E M A L E S E X U A L I T Y The little girVs Oedipus complex begins very early. It is established at the oral phase by a displacement from the mother's breast to the father's penis (desire for the penis).

H e mentions an idea which F r e u d had communi­ cated to h i m personally: the first sexual theory of little girls is an oral one (fellatio). Here Jones agrees w i t h F r e u d but tries to draw further consequences from this idea: first he states that this " o r a l ' ' theory cannot be far away i n time from the oral stage of which one has every reason to believe that the theory is a part. T h i s would lead us to place feminine receptive wish at an early stage i n the lit­ tle girl's development.

T h e attachment to the mother is made i n an O e d i p a l mode, w i t h the father as a rival. W i t h the development of the castration complex the Oedipus com­ plex is destroyed. In girls the pre-Oedipal phase becomes an attachment to the mother, w i t h the father as a r i v a l , exactly as w i t h boys. B u t the dis­ covery of castration leads the little g i r l toward a passive positive Oedipus complex; she turns to her father and her mother becomes a rival. " A t the beginning of her life the little girl is to a l l intents and purposes a little boy.

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