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By Kevin J. Anderson

ISBN-10: 0451409434

ISBN-13: 9780451409430

An flying saucers has been shot down from the sky-and a unmarried unusual pod has survived intact.Now staff Proteus-a U.S.-Russian team of scientists, medical professionals and technicians-will be gotten smaller utilizing new miniaturization options and injected throughout the floor of the pod. So starts off the main startling voyage of exploration in human history...Inside the physique of an alien.Praise for Kevin J. Anderson:Arguably the main prolific, such a lot winning writer operating in [science fiction] this day. (Algis Budrys)The inheritor obvious to Arthur C. Clarke. (Daniel Keys Moran, writer of The final Dancer)A infrequent blend of expertise and practicality. (Starlog)The preferred author on (or off) the planet. (Fort worthy Star-Telegram)

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We will have to check someplace else. Do you have suggestions, Ms. ” Wilcox leaned over the abrupt edge and waved. ” Tomiko stared up at the sheer gold wall like a mountain climber ready for a challenge. “Let's get a gnat's-eye view, Doctor P. ” She coiled her muscular legs and jumped. At this size, with virtually no body weight, gravity had only the tiniest hold. Using her jetpack, she skimmed along the endless cliff face until she reached the golden plateau. Exhilarated, Tomiko swiveled around and added another spurt of gas to counteract her motion.

Dr. Tyler, those videos are widely believed to be ambitious fakes. The men responsible always disappear upon closer investigation, along with any trace of the actual specimens. ” Tyler had pointed to the specimen inside the pod, tapping her gloved finger on the misty glass. “But there are aliens. This man may be the only specialist we can find, and you don't want to include him? ” She had smiled, intense dark eyes making her face seem tighter, sharper. “The man lives in the Bay Area, Felix, only a few hours from here.

Devlin gave him a tolerant smile. “I'm not trying to hide anything, Mr. Freeth. ” The expert clenched his hand over one knee; his freckled face yielded a suspicious frown. ” Devlin turned onto a poorly marked county road and left the last remnants of rural traffic behind. Normally, he might have been concerned about giving away the route to the hidden Proteus Facility, but Arnold Freeth was paying no attention to the trip. Devlin had to reassess his opinion of the UFO expert. He was not just a gullible nerd who'd found his niche in life.

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