Mariska Leunissen's Explanation and Teleology in Aristotle's Science of Nature PDF

By Mariska Leunissen

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In Aristotle's teleological view of the area, typical issues turn out to be and are current for the sake of a few functionality or finish (for instance, wings are found in birds for the sake of flying). while a lot of contemporary scholarship has concerned about uncovering the (meta-)physical underpinnings of Aristotle's teleology and its contrasts along with his notions of likelihood and necessity, this booklet examines Aristotle's use of the idea of usual teleology in generating causes of ordinary phenomena. shut analyses of Aristotle's ordinary treatises and his Posterior Analytics convey what equipment are used for the invention of capabilities or ends that determine in teleological factors, how those reasons are dependent, and the way good they paintings in making feel of phenomena. The booklet could be necessary for all who're attracted to Aristotle's usual technology, his philosophy of technology, and his biology.

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Additionally, I do not believe that this “de-psychologized” picture of art that Aristotle employs in his analogy misrepresents the ancients’ conception of art; pace Broadie (1990, 400–401), and Charles (1991, 108). , X. , Pl. R II, 369e-370a). See also Johansen (2004, 69–91), who argues that in Plato’s depiction of the Demiurge – the ultimate philosophical model of the artist – individual psychology plays no causal role. 10, 686a12; and IA 12, 711a18; cf. 4, 740b25–741a4. Aristotle’s defense of natural teleology 19 substantial being of birds exhibits these animals as flyers, and in order for birds to be able to fly, they will have to have wings (there is no other way in which nature could have realized the function of flying).

The second causal pattern represents what I call secondary teleology. This process involves a formal nature of an animal using materials for something good, where those materials “happen to be available” in the animal, usually as the result of material necessity, and are not strictly speaking the result of conditional necessity. The use that is made of the materials in these cases is one that is not already specified in the animal’s form and/or is not immediately necessary for the animal’s survival or its identity.

This process involves the realization of a preexisting potential for form through stages shaped by conditional necessity, where the fully realized form constitutes the final cause of the process. This is the “standard” form of teleology, according to which the form specifies the functional features that are to be realized through the goal-directed actions of the formal nature, and where those functional features are intrinsic to and necessary for the natural being that has them. The relevant causal connection here is thus between a potential for form and the realized potential, which constitutes the final cause.

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