Michael Jan Friedman's Exile (New Adventures of Superman) PDF

By Michael Jan Friedman

ISBN-10: 0563404736

ISBN-13: 9780563404736

A moment unique tale in line with the preferred ABC tv sequence locations Lois Lane and Clark Kent, aka Superman, at odds with one one other as they try and out-scoop rival newspapers whereas preserving their dating intact. television tie-in.

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R. Labs would probably have been the first place he turned to. Everything looked normal enough here, she thought uneasily. The gates were wide open; business seemed to be continuing as usual. Had she guessed wrong? Had Superman gone somewhere else in his moment of need? A bored-looking guard stepped out of the little guardhouse next to the gates and strolled over, clipboard in hand. Rolling down her window, Lois put on her most charming smile. The guard, though, drew up short, frowning. "I know you," he said.

Right," Stern said, heading for a nearby pay phone. Lois kept the radio in her car tuned to WLEX. As she was driving across the city, making her way through traffic, a special bulletin came on. "Reports continue that Superman has been infected with a deadly new disease that some are already calling 'Virus X,'" the reporter said, "although no confirmation is available yet. We do know that criminal elements are loose across Metropolis in a rampage the likes of which has never been seen here before.

Dutifully, she told him about the armored car heist that Perry had witnessed. "They did it in broad daylight," she said. " "Then it's begun," Superman said quietly. He looked as if he were enduring a physical pain. " He made a fist, then released it slowly. Lois could only imagine the frustration he was feeling—the inner turmoil. " she asked. Slowly, even a little sadly, Superman shook his head. "No, Ms. Lane. " Lois felt so helpless—almost as if she were on the wrong side of the barrier herself.

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