Download e-book for iPad: Endless Knot: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Sado-Masochism by Mathew Styranka

By Mathew Styranka

ISBN-10: 1894663101

ISBN-13: 9781894663106

Bay highway clerk by means of day, fetish slave by way of evening, never-ending Knot is the autobiographical tale of 1 man’s non secular trip via Toronto’s underworld of hard-core sado-masochism. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Mathew Styranka spent a lot of his formative years attempting to combine his submissive sexual passions and his religious yearnings. After relocating to Toronto to pursue Zen meditation, he chanced on liberate as a substitute on the earth of fetish and sado-masochism. His fight to discover non secular and actual delight rested to find the Mistress of his desires, a girl he proposal may entire him via her domination. but if fable turned truth, Styranka chanced on that his actual self lay someplace among the wishes of the flesh and the reflections of the brain. A fixture at the scene prior to it was once a scene, operating his personal fetish nights along a few of Canada’s best fetish shops, Styranka brings this global to existence with a simplicity and style that techniques a few classics of the style, together with Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus In Furs and Anais Nin’s Diaries.

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No arguments. Period. Her approach to her lovers shocked me and took me by surprise. It seemed rather cold and unfeeling. I wondered what I had gotten myself into and brought it up with Lara. I tried to be tactful. "! told you, they had their chance. Now, it's my way or the highway. " she said, her voice rising an octave or two. " 56 Mathew Styranka "I think it is. We're starting a relationship of our own. I'm in a vulnerable spot. I have to know I can trust you. Are you being honest with these women?

As I progressed through adolescence, I became shy. I had a hard time communicating to girls what it was that I wanted. Around this time some of my friends were beginning to have girlfriends and sex, but I never felt like I was missing out on anything they were getting. What I needed was completely different, I thought, and I doubted they could get it either, had they been in my place. As time went on I saw myself getting desperate, so I averted my attention away from dating. I withdrew. I simply spent my time at school with friends and tried not to think about realizing my desires.

She rode me expertly and defied me to come until she said I could. Squeezing every bit of usefulness from me, Alex enjoyed yet another deep, vaginal orgasm. She sat motionless with me still inside Endless Knot 35 her and ready to burst. I could feel her squeezing me, her muscles rippling up and down. She made me beg for it, truly beg. Beg I did, like a kid for candy. Finally, she allowed me to climax and my orgasm washed over me for what seemed forever. That's what Alex did—she brought out the best in you.

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