Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen by Terrance Dicks, NA PDF

By Terrance Dicks, NA

ISBN-10: 1446417069

ISBN-13: 9781446417065

ISBN-10: 1849901929

ISBN-13: 9781849901925

The health care provider has been to Det-Sen Monastery ahead of, and expects the welcome of a lifestyles time. however the monastery is a truly diverse position from whilst the health professional final got here. Fearing an assault at any second by way of the mythical Yeti, the clergymen are ready to safeguard themselves, and spot the physician as a probability. The health care provider and his associates subscribe to forces with Travers, an English explorer out to end up the life of the elusive abominable snowmen. yet they quickly realize that those Yeti aren't the timid animals that Travers seeks - they're the unstoppable servants of an alien Intelligence! This novel is predicated on a physician Who tale which was once initially broadcast from 30 September - four November 1967. that includes the second one medical professional as performed via Patrick Troughton, and his partners Jamie and Victoria.

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His fingers touched a little cloth-wrapped bundle. He pulled it out, and unwrapped it. There in his hand was the holy ghanta of Det-sen. The ghanta which had been lost for over three hundred years. Hand in hand, Jamie and Victoria pelted down the mountainside. Every now and again, Victoria managed a quick glance over her shoulder, but the creature from the cave didn’t seem to be following them. All the same, she sighed with relief when at last they came in sight of the TARDIS. Soon they would be safe.

It was an enormous footprint, many times the size of his own. The Doctor began to cast about the area, like a hunting dog. There were other footprints, a line of them, leading to the other side of the boulder. Cautiously, the Doctor followed the tracks. On the other side of the boulder there were more footprints, deeper ones. The snow was churned as though the creature had stood for some time. There were other tracks leading away down the mountainside. The Doctor stood, pondering. The story in the snow was clear.

Jamie, on the other hand, was completely different. He welcomed each new adventure with tremendous gusto. Jamie was a fighter by nature. English Redcoat soldier or alien monster, it was all the same to Jamie. He grabbed his trusty claymore and charged. Victoria looked on indulgently as the Doctor peered into the little scanner screen, almost hopping up and down with excitement. As usual, she and Jamie had no idea where or when they were – or for that matter, why. No doubt the Doctor would get round to telling them in his own good time.

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