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By Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Aeterna Press

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Dionysius of Halicarnassus used to be born sooner than fifty three BCE and went to Italy earlier than 29 BCE. He taught rhetoric in Rome whereas learning the Latin language, gathering fabric for a historical past of Rome, and writing. His Roman Antiquities began appearing in 7 BCE. Dionysius states that his items in writing historical past have been to delight fanatics of noble deeds and to pay off the advantages he had loved in Rome. yet he wrote additionally to reconcile Greeks to Roman rule. Of the 20 books of Roman Antiquities (from the earliest instances to 264 BCE) we now have the 1st nine whole; so much of 10 and eleven; and later extracts and an epitome of the total. Dionysius studied the easiest to be had literary resources (mainly annalistic and different historians) and doubtless a few public files. His paintings and that of Livy are our simply non-stop and unique self sufficient narratives of early Roman history.

Dionysius was once writer additionally of essays on literature masking rhetoric, Greek oratory, Thucydides, and the way to mimic the simplest types in literature.

The Loeb Classical Library publishes a two-volume variation of the serious essays; the variation of Roman Antiquities is in seven volumes.

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