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Отлично оформленное лондонское издание по доисторическим вымершим ящерам - динозаврам. Совершить путешествие во времени и вернуться на 245 миллионов лет назад, когда на Земле появились первые динозавры, предлагает эта книга. Что же все-таки стало причиной исчезновения этих загадочных животных, царствовавших на планете в течение a hundred and eighty миллионов лет?

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TRIASSIC JURASSIC CRETACEOUS 36 Bagaceratops Bagaceratops gets its name from the short horn on its nose. The horn is a stunted version of the much bigger ones found on the larger North American ceratopids. What it looked like How it ate Palaeontologists consider With its beaky mouth, Bagaceratops has Bagaceratops to be far more primitive the perfect instrument for snapping off than the ceratopids – even though it tough vegetation, but it does not came later than many of them. Like have any teeth on its upper jaw, the ceratopids, Bagaceratops has a which makes chewing and swallowing relatively stocky build and short legs.

In the 1970s, it was finally proved that Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus were, in fact, the same creature. Since Apatosaurus had been found first, this name was used. TRIASSIC JURASSIC CRETACEOUS Fact File s T-oh-SORE-u a-PA How to say it lizard me Deceptive a n f o g in n a e M ocidae Family Diplod rassic Period Late Ju USA Where found es (13 feet) Height 4 metr tres (69 feet) Length 21 me ns) ograms (33 to il k 0 0 ,0 0 3 t Weigh Food Plants ze s Enormous si re tu a fe l a ci e p S Water dweller?

Originally, palaeontologists suggested it could be a major link between dinosaurs and birds, but now some think that Archaeopteryx is a bit of a dead end in avian evolution. It has feathers and light bones like birds do, but it also has a flat breastbone and a long, bony tail, which birds don’t have. However, Archaeopteryx is some kind of link between feathered and non-feathered creatures and, as such, is a highly prized specimen. 33 High flyer? If you are lucky enough to spot Archaeopteryx, you might be able to answer a question that palaeontologists have been arguing about for years – can it fly?

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