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By Alexander Tolstonogov

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Preface to the English version the current monograph is a revised and enlarged replacement of the author's monograph [19] which was once dedicated to the improvement of a unified method of learning differential inclusions, whose values of the precise hand aspects are compact, now not unavoidably convex subsets of a Banach area. This method depends upon rules and strategies of modem practical research, basic topology, the idea of multi-valued mappings and non-stop selectors. even if the elemental content material of the former monograph has been remained a similar this monograph has been in part re-organized and the author's contemporary effects were additional. The contents of the current publication are divided into 5 Chapters and an Appendix. the 1st bankruptcy of the J>ook has been left with no adjustments and offers with multi-valued differential equations generated via a differential inclusion. the second one bankruptcy has been considerably revised and prolonged. right here the au­ thor's fresh effects touching on severe non-stop selectors of multi-functions with decomposable values, multi-valued selectors ofmulti-functions generated by means of a differential inclusion, the lifestyles of suggestions of a differential inclusion, whose correct hand facet has various houses of semicontinuity at assorted issues, were integrated. a few of these effects made it attainable to simplify schemes for proofs in regards to the lifestyles of options of differential inclu­ sions with semicontinuous correct hand facet a.nd to acquire new effects. during this bankruptcy the lifestyles of ideas of other forms are considered.

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34) D(r(t, x), r(t, y)) ~ ,llx - yllc 1 , 0 ,> holds almost everywhere on R+ for any x, y E X. 2) defined on [to, 00). (l- a) and the mapping r is integrally bounded on [0, a] x Sb(UO). 6. 2) has a local solution U(t), U(O) = Uo, which on the basis of the aforesaid can be continued to a solution defined on [0,00). 8. 7 will yield theexistenceconditions for the solution U(t) defined on segment T or on apart ofit [to, b], a ~ to < b. 7. 2) and the continuation theorem. 7 will be such as weIl. S. EXISTENCE THEOREMS OF SOLUTIONS OF THE MULTI-VALUED OPERATOR EQUATION In previous Sections we have considered the multi-valued differential equation generated by a differential inclusion.

Consider some examples of the functions V and w which satisfy conditions 1)-3) and 1°)_3°). Conditions 1°)_3°) are satisfied by: a) the Kamke function ofthe firsttype WI : [to, 00) x R+ -+ R+, to > 0; Multi-valued differential equation generated by a differential inclusion 43 b)theKamkefunctionofthesecondtypeWII: [to, 00) xR+ ---+ R+, to > 0; c) the Kamke function of the first type W/ : R+ x R+ ---+ R+ integrally bounded on bounded subsets from R+ x R+. (In these examples and in the following at r < 0 the functions W/ and WII are considered equal to zero).

23), for any x E E there will be Yi such that fl(t, x) + Wj(t, Ilx - c fl(t, Yi) C fl(t,Yi) +Wj(t,X(E) + 8)81 (0), Yill)81(0) j = I,II. Hence n fl(t, E) C U fl(t, Yi) + Wj(t, X(E) + 8)81(0)), j = I, II. i=1 Taking advantage ofthis inclusion, ofthe compactness ofthe set Ui=1 f 1(t, Yi), and of the properties of the measure of non-compactness, we obtain Since Wi(t, r), i = I, II, is continuous in rand 8> 0 is arbitrary, the~ X(fl(t,E)):S wi(t,X(E)), i = I,II. 22). The Lemma is proved. 9: Since for any T C T, E co [U{f(t, x); tE T; xE E}] c X = co [U{cof(t, x); tE T, xE E}], then the mapping Q(t, A) = co f(t, A) is the same, irrespective of whether we are defining it based on f(t, x) or cof(t,x).

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