Devious Chess: How to Bend the Rules and Win - download pdf or read online

By Amatzia Avni

ISBN-10: 0713490047

ISBN-13: 9780713490046

Grasp chess psychologist Amatzia Avni outlines a brand new method of enjoying chess -- be tricksy approximately your video game, bend the principles the place attainable and constantly pop out on most sensible! avid gamers of all skills are instructed, step by step, to unlearn every thing they have realized thus far and undertake a fearless angle to the sport. each tip for bending the principles is incorporated right here with entire illustrated video games. contains: * the character of tough Chess: Virgin land * elevating the strain to boiling aspect * Coffeehouse chess * no longer so uncomplicated, my expensive Watson * strange strikes* Principled problems with 'Tricky Chess': Twists and turns * The catch vs blunder hassle * equipment of undertaking 'tricky chess'* Illustrative video games* Assesment and Implementation: review of tricksy chess * growing to be a 'tricky chess' participant

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G5 ! in order to counter 28 gxf5 or 28 'it>gl with 28 . . h5 ! It is a shame that White didn't have the time to promote his c-pawn, making it a five-queen game. 29 Coffeehouse Chess Nevertheless, the title "mad hacker 's tea party" - under which the game first appeared in "Kingpin 9 certainly captures the game's captivating, razor-sharp, double­ edged spirit. If this is what 'coffeehouse chess' is about, then let's give a big cheer. txc5+ 16 �g3 g5! Black's forces, previously lacking in harmony and vitality, suddenly spring to life.

Lagvilava - Lacos Tel-Aviv 200 1 Shmuter - Afek E ± i s Israeli cup 1 995 t i 1 e4 c5 2 l'LlfJ l'Llc6 3 d4 cxd4 4 l'Llxd4 l'Llf6 5 l'Llc3 g6 6 l'Llxc6 bxc6 7 e5 l'Llg8 I n This variation has a dubious reputation. Black's last move is forced, as 7 ... l'Lld5? leads to disaster after 8 l'Llxd5 cxd5 9 'ii'xd5 l:tb8 1 0 e6 ! fxe6? I I 'ii'e 5, forking both rooks. m White to play White would like to increase the pressure against the weak f7 pawn. Ideally he would install his white­ squared bishop on d5, but in the diagrammed position this is impract­ ical.

L:th8) I O . . e3 and the pawn queens. Vxc6 10 dxc6 e3 11 lLJh6! l:th8 The alternative is l l . Vxe 1 . In the line which occurs in the game, fresh queens are reborn and White is ahead in the mutual race. White can still revert to the correct path with 4 'ii'h6. Vti mate 4 'ii'xe3+ 5 �h4 �g7 6 �h5! • 32 Chapter Four: Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson One element that characterizes unconventional chess is its freshness. Moves are often surpri sing and certainly not obvious; whether the players belong to the logical school or arrive at their conclusions through intuition, 'devious' moves do not easily suggest themselves.

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