James Axler's Deathlands 26 Shadowfall PDF

By James Axler

ISBN-10: 037362526X

ISBN-13: 9780373625260

Best his band of decided fans to the remnants of post-nuclear Sunshine country, Ryan Cawdor speedy learns that their survival will depend on their wits and an unforeseen alliance with an alien tradition.

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It squatted at the bottom of its shaft, gently throbbing and humming. Ryan wasn't possessed of a particularly vivid imagination, but it crossed his mind that the elevator was strangely like a patient animal, waiting for someone to step innocently into its maw. B. looked back at Ryan, waiting for him to give the word for them to get in. "Sure. Let's go, people. " They crowded in. There was the faint smell of machine oil and warm metal. Trader was nearest to the controls, and he pressed the button to close the doors, following it with the single control that should take the car up to the higher level.

A freak reaction to the anesthetic had necessitated her comatose body being frozen. The world blew apart less than a month later, and she rested on in dark silence, forgotten, her life-support system powered by an undamaged nuke plant. She had finally been awakened from her long sleep by Ryan. Other than her medical talents, Mildred also had an even more useful skill for survival in the wasteland that had once been the United States of America. In the last-ever Olympic Games, held in Miami in 1996, Mildred had represented her country in the free pistol shooting, winning the silver medal.

They had lived happily on a spread in New Mexico, with baby Jenny coming along to cement their love for each other. Then tragedy had struck, and the woman and child had been butchered. Jak had come to the very brink of suicidal madness, but Ryan and Krysty and the others had helped him through the darkness and out once more into the light. Last, and certainly not least, of their party was Dr. Theophilus Algernon Tanner. None of the nine could have been called "normal" by any acceptable standards, but Doc Tanner was less normal than any of them.

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