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ISBN-13: 9783319412108

This thesis offers a number of major new effects that make clear significant puzzles of contemporary cosmology: the character of inflation, the very early part of the universe that's proposal to have given upward push to the large-scale buildings that we discover this day; and that of the present sped up growth. specifically, it develops a fresh strategy for characterizing linear cosmological perturbations for common theories the place gravity is changed and/or tormented by a brand new part, referred to as darkish strength, liable for the speeded up growth. It proposes a brand new extension to what have been lengthy considered the main basic scalar box theories without instabilities, and demonstrates the robustness of the relation among the power scale of inflation and the anticipated amplitude of gravitational waves. eventually, it consolidates a suite of consistency family among correlation capabilities of the cosmological density box and investigates the phenomenological effects in their strength violation. awarded in a transparent, succinct and rigorous kind, each one of those unique effects is either profound and critical and may go away a deep mark at the field.

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61) to he metric perturbations and , as well as the scalar fluctuation π by8 δN = − π˙ , ζ =− + Hπ , ψ = a −2 π , χ = 0 . 81) we assumed the presence of a Jordan frame, where matter is minimally coupled, its stress energy tensor is conserved independently. 8 More precisely, to remove also the variable χ one needs a spatial diffeomorphism x i → x i + ∂ β. i 40 2 The Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy • The momentum constraint ((0i) components of Einstein’s equation) reads (ρm + pm )vm ρm + pm π =− .

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