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By Pierre Kerszberg

ISBN-10: 0585062129

ISBN-13: 9780585062129

This booklet follows and expands the damaging a part of Heidegger's perception relating Kant's critique: particularly, the conviction that transcendental wisdom can't be equated with the grounding of the confident sciences.

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Now, while the lawful authority embodied in civil society may well alleviate the insatiability of the upper class by organizing public access to culture, < previous page page_33 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_34 next page > Page 34 the remaining violence from without has still to be countered. Humanity is thus in need of more than civil society: it needs a cosmopolitan whole, a system of all states, whereby the consciousness of what is required to live in accordance with art and science becomes global.

And so, following reason, he would not judge that such a figure is made possible by the sand, the adjoining sea, the wind, or even animals that leave footprints familiar to him, or by any other nonrational cause; for it would seem to him that coming across such a concept < previous page page_31 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_32 next page > Page 32 [a regular hexagon], one that is possible only in reason, is so infinitely contingent that there might as well be no natural law for it at all, and hence that such an effect could also not have been caused by anything in nature, which operates merely mechanically, but could have been caused only by the concept of such an object, a concept that only reason can provide and compare the object with.

If we want to see mathematical learning as the paradigmatic process that sustains this notion of a priori, we will be extremely disappointed. For Kant speaks of an essential difference between philosophical and mathematical knowledge. The former, he argues, considers the particular only in the universal, while the latter considers the universal in the particular (A714/B742). For instance, this single triangle which I draw on a piece of paper is still determined by certain universal conditions of construction pertaining to reason.

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