Crescent in the Sky (Book One of the Mechanical Sky) - download pdf or read online

By Donald Moffitt

ISBN-10: 0345344774

ISBN-13: 9780345344779

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Perhaps their reasoning had been the same as his—with the Clonemaster disposed of, his house was probably no longer under surveillance, and if it was, they could beat a hasty retreat. In the meantime they could satisfy their curiosity with a look. One thing was for certain— they weren't going to call on Lalla; Feisel was too cold-blooded and practical to allow that. He forgot about the matter. When he arrived home, ibn Zayd, his landlord, was waiting up for him. "You'll have to leave, ya Abdul," he said, inter-cepting Hamid-Jones at the foot of the steps.

He couldn't have seen men who looked like Centaurans slipping through the gate in the middle of the night—or anything else of interest to the Bureau. Except Hamid-Jones's presence in the Street of the Peacock! He could toss that nugget at the shurtayeen to get himself off the hook. And even if he didn't, there were Ja'far's newly awakened suspicions, and Ja'far's cousin, and the eunuch in the Clone-master's household, and— Hamid-Jones groaned as the muezzin's wake-up call cut through his disordered thoughts.

A window opened somewhere and a voice quavered, "Who's there? " Hamid-Jones recognized the voice as Mr. Fahti's. "Shut up, you! Go back to bed. " The man with the flashlight played the yellow beam over the window. There was a gasp, and the window slid quickly shut. They propelled him across the shadow-pooled courtyard, one on either side of him now. The forced pace made him stumble, but the implacable grip kept him upright. Somewhere behind a darkened window a woman's voice sobbed with fear, and a man hissed her to silence.

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