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By Donna Bowman

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This e-book brings jointly strategy and postmodern theologians to mirror at the the most important subject of power, asking: What are many of the connections among power and theology? How do principles approximately humanity and divinity interrelate with how we are living our lives?

Its individuals handle power in a minimum of 3 detailed methods. First, when it comes to physics, the invention of darkish strength in 1998 exposed a mysterious strength that seems using the inflation of the universe. the following cosmology converges with theological mirrored image in regards to the nature and beginning of the universe.

Second, the social and ecological contexts of power use and the present strength main issue have theological implications insofar as they're stuck up with final human meanings and values.

Finally, in additional conventional theological phrases of divine religious power, we will be able to ask how human conceptions of strength relate to divine strength when it comes to artistic energy

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But a dark force races between worlds, drawing us into the rhythm of creation; breathing out and breathing in. Thrown outward in a sea of light, we are gathered back by the darkness, from fire to fire. ”74 World without end. Perhaps. indb 41 9/16/11 9:38:32 AM chapter 3 Solar Energy: Theophany and the Theopoetics of Light in Gregory of Nyssa T. 1 In the faint resonance I hear between these two terms there seems to emerge a rather unlikely pairing: that of the looming ecological crisis and that of the ancient disciplines of philosophy and theology.

Not a God who works on us from outside, who does our work for us, but who energizes our inter-activities. Not a God above pulling strings, but the energy of our intimate/infinite entanglement? This spiritual body, identified at once (and at the same time) as the church and the Christ, appears to be woven of interdependent “energizations,” throbs of actualization, emotive, gifted, and alive. Might the spirited community with its luminous energies of resurrection have provided, for a time, a workshop in the greater entanglement?

60 The major difference lies in the last major component of the cyclical model, which is that our universe is not the only universe. There is one more. We will recall that Saul Perlmutter, leader of one of the teams that discovered dark energy, said that cosmologists were “even willing to listen to string theorists” in order to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. ” Across a tiny gap along an imperceptible dimension there is another braneworld, filled with all sorts of matter and energy as well.

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