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By Phil Banyard

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An creation to the parts which were studied in psychology that experience excited controversy, together with ads, psychometric checking out, propoganda and war.

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She argued that warfare is not inevitable and not part of our nature, but a human invention (Mead, 1940). She argued that many institutions such as marriage are almost universal amongst peoples, but we must have originally lived without marriage and then at some point invented it. She suggested the same is true for warfare, and cites the Eskimos as evidence for this. The Eskimos are a nomadic people who have no concept ofwar, even though they cannot be described as pacifists. ), murder and cannibalism were a part of Eskimo life.

The effects of captivity Watson ( 1980) describes a study carried out on survivors from Japanese prisoner of war (POW) camps during the Second World War ( 1 939-45). The study suggests that the Japanese were unprepared for large numbers ofPOWs, with the result that the guards were allowed to develop their own ways of dealing with the prisoners. The conditions in the camps were crowded and dirty 21 C O N T R O V E R S I E S I N P S YC H O L O G Y and the food was in short supply. A number of tortures were used including beatings, standing to attention in the sun for hours, pulling out the hair or fingernails and keeping the POWs ' eyelids open with sticks and forcing them to look at the sun for hours.

These rallies, most famously at Nuremberg, involved an audience of thousands who played their own part in the emotionally charged events. The rallies were carefully planned theatrical events where the music and settings and speakers were all choreographed to produce the most dramatic effect. The audience were wound up for an hour or more with singing and chanting before the speeches began, and this gave the speeches even more emotional charge. We do not have any research findings on the effect of these rallies on the people who were there or the people who saw them on film in the cinema, though it seems likely they did much to give people a sense ofbelonging to a strong and popular movement.

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