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By Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

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This significant new e-book presents a unique and engaging method of the examine of diplomacy. Taking as its place to begin quite a number influential fresh views at the altering global order (from Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations" among the West, and the remaining to Francis Fukuyama's "end of heritage" thesis) the ebook brings jointly specially-commissioned chapters written in a hugely available type through a very foreign solid of participants.

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Previous page page_149 next page > < previous page page_15 next page > Page 15 Pandemonium (1993). The image is drawn from a range of works that suggest world politics are becoming progressively engulfed in ethnic insecurity, violence and genocide. He argues that although there are some positive references to tribal and ethnic identity, they are most often associated with something ancient and primordial, and with tribal forms of community that carry with them connotations of political regression, rather than more positive, civic aspects.

On the one hand, contemporary world politics is replete with images of 44 45 < previous page < previous page Page 16 page_159 page_16 next page > next page > politics, and new perspectives on the forces and structure which shape world order, as providing conventional metaphors that sum up political processes. Johanna Sutherland discusses various interpretations and implications of the image of 'an endangered planet'. This image, drawn from the title of Richard Falk's 1971 book, The Endangered Planet, evokes a sense of crisis and insecurity generated by fears about global warming, rising sea levels, increased pollution and environmental degradation from industry, technology run rampant and poor agricultural practices, and a growing shortage of water, food and resources for an ever-expanding human population.

In fact, this suggests, to the contrary, that modernization enhances indigenization. Modernization contributes to dislocation and alienation from traditional community and structures. This leads to people seeking a renewed sense of identity in their own culture or religion, the basis for the revival of religions such as Islam and the Hindu faith as powerful social and political identities. Â Â Modernization also empowers non-Western cultures. Huntington argues that modernization may initially have encouraged 30 31 non-Western people to adopt aspects of Western culture, but as societies have grown more powerful and wealthy, they have increasingly gained greater pride and confidence in their own culture.

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