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By Werner Hildbert Greub, Stephen Halperin, Ray Vanstone

ISBN-10: 0123027020

ISBN-13: 9780123027023

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Make the cross-sections into an Y(B)-module; it is denoted by Sec 4. 15 0. Algebraic and Analytic Preliminaries 16 Apseudo-Riemannian metric in ( is a smooth assignment to the fibres F, of inner products g ( x ) (also written ( , ), , or simply ( , )). Thus g E Sec V2(*. If each g ( x ) is positive definite, g is called a Riemannian metric. Suppose rank ( = r . An orientation in ( is an equivalence class of nowhere vanishing cross-sections in A'(* under the equivalence relation: d, A , if d, = f * A , for some f E Y ( B ) , with f ( x ) > 0, x E B.

Qr) depends only on the vectors ti= (d7r),t4(E T,(B)). ,77)~ (dr)ti = t i * . If s2 E A,(E), then each Q, has compact carrier. is oriented; then an orientation is determined in each Suppose manifold F, . jF:A,(E) -+A(B), homogeneous of degree -r, given by Q, is called the retrenchment of Q toF, It is surjective and satisfies jFli*@ A a=@ A i,Q and j;S . = S o j F If B is oriented and E is given the local product orientation, then the Fubini theorem asserts that D E Ar(E), m = dim E. 16. Sphere bundles.

I n this case cp embeds G into H. Proof: If dy is injective, then certainly p is injective. Conversely, assume cp is injective. Let V be a neighbourhood of 0 in Te(G) such that the restriction of exp, to V is injective. Then since exp, o cp' = 0 exp, , the restriction of expH 0 cp' to V is injective. I n particular, the restriction of p' to V is injective. Since cp' is linear and V is an open subset of Te(G),it follows that cp' is injective. Since each (dcp), is injective. Hence so is dcp. D. Corollary 111: If cp is bijective, then it is a diffeomorphism and hence an isomorphism between Lie groups.

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