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G for the "arrow" relation and f(G) for the size Ramsey number.

Yd) be the multilinear polynomial obtained from the standard representation of Pi as a sum of monomials by replacing each monomial of the form c Es x~s I1tET Yi', where all the 6. and "It are positive, by the monomial c I1. ES X. I1tET Yt. Observe that when all the variables xp, Yq attain 0, 1values, Pi(Xl, ... , Yd) = Pi(Xl, . , Yd), since for any positive 6, 0 6 = 0 and 16 = l. 1), Il. Pi(ej) =0 for all iO/-i and Pi(ei) 0/-0. 2) By the above equation, the polynomials Pi (i E N) are linearly independent.

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