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By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 1901983617

ISBN-13: 9781901983616

En este libro John Nunn ha seleccionado treinta partidas modernas para ayudar al lector a entender los aspectos m?s importantes del ajedrez e ilustrar los modernos principios de ajedrez. Cada partida contiene muchas lecciones, pero en esencia se pretende guiar al lector a trav?s de las principles m?s importantes de cada fase de los angeles partida.

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Would have led to a win. However, stalemate is not always the result of a gross blunder. Sometimes it is planned as a method of saving an otherwise lost position. 16 For example, in Diagram 16 Black to move could mate in two moves: 1. Re8-e1 + 2. Kg1-f2 g2-g1Q#. However, it was White’s turn to move and he found an interesting stalemate idea. The White King has only one possible move, to f2. So White played: 1. Rg7-h7 + Kh3-g3 Now the White King cannot go even to f2, since the Black King controls that square.

18 For example, in Diagram 18 Black gives perpetual check by checking the White King continuously from a2 to a1. The White King has nowhere to hide and the draw is forced. Just like stalemate, perpetual check too can be planned in advance by a player. Sometimes players even sacrifice pieces in order to obtain a draw by perpetual check. Now let us look at a game played between two World Champions in the year 1914. White was 22-year-old Alexandre Alekhine, who became World Champion in 1927 by defeating the Cuban Jose Raoul Capablanca.

1. Place the board so that you are playing White. Find the squares d4, f7, and c3. 2. Looking at the board from Black’s side, find the squares c6, h2, d3, and a5. Answer questions 3–5 without looking at a board. 3. What color are the following squares: c3, h5, d6, b4? ______________________________ ______________________________ 4. Name all the squares making up the h2-b8 and d1-h5 diagonals. ______________________________ ______________________________ 5. Name the diagonals running through d5.

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