Yuri Averbakh, Ilya Maizelis's Comprehensive Chess Endings, Vol. 4: Pawn Endings (Pergamon PDF

By Yuri Averbakh, Ilya Maizelis

ISBN-10: 0080320430

ISBN-13: 9780080320434

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Tartakower-Capablanca, New York 19Z4) 6 ... cxd5 7 cxd5 is about equal (Keres). (B) 4 ... Ne7 5 c4 c6 6 d4 Ng6 7 Nc3 Bb4 8 Bf3 is unclear (Keres). (n) After 11 Ne4 h5 Black is better, Roten-Moen, Eksjo 1981. (o) 3 ... g5 4 Bc4 Nc6 5 d4 Nge7 6 Qh5 Ng6 7 Nf3 Be7 8 Nd5 Nb4 9 Nxb4 ±, Nemchin-Noskov, Alma Ata 1966. (p) 4 ... d6 5 Nf3 Bg4 6 d4 Nf6 7 Bxf4 Nh5 8 Ke3 Qd8 =, Westerinen-Unzicker, Moscow 198Z. (q) (A) 6 ... Bd6 7 d4 Nc6 8 c3 (8 e5 0-0-0 9 Bxf4 Nge7 was good for Black in Spassky-Furman, Tallinn 1959) 8 ...

These systems are also simpler to learn as Black, so the novice is recommended to study one of them before the more involved variations later in the chapter. A. The CLASSICAL (or Cordell DEFENSE (columns 1-6) is the straightforward developing move 3 ... Bc5. Though probably the oldest defense to the Ruy Lopez, it still sees use today. White sets problems with 4 c3 (columns 1-5). but Black can often get counterchances as it is difficult for White to keep control. B. The BERLIN DEFENSE, 3 ... Nf6 (columns 7-12) is an underrated varitation that has been used by GM Arthur Bisguier for decades.

G5 10 d3 g4 11 Ng1 Bc5 12 Nc3 Rb8 is even chances. (u) 10 ... ; (Gottschall). (v) 11 c3 Nb7 12 Qa4 Bxh3 13 gxh3 Qd6 14 d3 Nd5 +, Steinitz-Chigorin, Havana 1892. (w) (A) 11 ... ;, Malaniuk-Kruppa, Lvov 1984. (B) 11 ... ;, Fischer-Bisguier, New York 1963. (x) 12 ... Bb6 13 Kh1 ReB 14 f4 Bc7 15 fxe5 Bxe5 is about even, Dolmatov-Ivkov, Moscow 1985. (y) 15 ... ;. (z) 17 Nh5 Ne6 18 Be3 Bd7 19 Ne4 was just a little better for White in ChandlerSpeelman, Hastings 1989. (aa) 10 d4 e4 11 Nf4 Qc7 12 g3 0-0 13 c4 g5 14 Ng2 Bh3 15 0-0 Rad8 16 Be3 Nh7 "i', Dolmatov-Ziatdinov, Moscow 1983.

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