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By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

ISBN-10: 0880500344

ISBN-13: 9780880500340

Writer: Osho overseas beginning; 1st version (February 1982)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0880500344
ISBN-13: 978-0880500340

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They think Jesus is the only son of God -- foolish. The whole existence comes from God, the whole existence is related to God as son to father. A few things to be understood. It would have been better if we had thought of God as mother because the son is more deeply related to the mother. He lives in the womb, he is part of the mother -- blood and bones and flesh and everything. But there is a very significant meaning in thinking of God as father. It is not baseless. Father is indirect, mother is direct.

But there is a very significant meaning in thinking of God as father. It is not baseless. Father is indirect, mother is direct. You know who your mother is; you simply believe who your father is. The mother knows for certain that you are her son, but the father believes. Father is indirect, mother is very direct. And God is not so direct, God is very indirect. He fathered you. That means you are related to Him, but the relationship is one of trust: a belief, a deep faith. You will come to know your father only when you trust.

It is not a question of any particular act that you have to repent for, it is your whole quality of being. Not any anger, not any greed, not any hatred -- no. Not any enmity -- nothing. It is nothing about any particular act. It is something about your very being: the way, the style, of your existence. It has no concern with any particular fragmentary act. When you repent, you repent about a certain act. Your repentance is always in reference to certain acts. Jesus' repentance is not about certain acts, it is about your being.

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