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By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson, Phyllis Panman

ISBN-10: 0495387894

ISBN-13: 9780495387893

This article bridges the distance among conventional and reform techniques to algebra encouraging scholars to work out arithmetic in context. It offers fewer themes in larger intensity, prioritizing information research as a beginning for mathematical modeling, and emphasizing the verbal, numerical, graphical and symbolic representations of mathematical strategies in addition to connecting arithmetic to genuine lifestyles events drawn from the scholars' majors.

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What does f 122 represent? Solution (a) (b) (c) (d) The name of the function is f. The input is x, and the output is 8x. ” f 122 = 8 ؒ 2 = 16. So 16 is the value of the function at 2. ■ example 2 NOW TRY EXERCISE 9 ■ Writing Function Notation Express the given rule in function notation. ” Solution (a) First we need to choose a letter to represent this rule. ” Then for any input x, multiplying by 2 gives 2x, then adding 5 gives 2x + 5. Thus we can write g1x2 = 2x + 5 Note that the input is the number x and the corresponding output is the number 2x + 5.

50 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 x 19. Truck Rental A home improvement store provides short-term truck rentals for their customers to take large items home. The store charges a base rate of $19 plus a time charge for every half hour that the truck is used. The table gives rental rate data for different rental periods. (a) Find a linear model for the relation between the rental cost and rental period (in hours). (b) Draw a graph of the equation you found. (c) Use the model to predict the rental cost for 5 hours.

The data give the water pressure at different depths. The model is an equation that represents the data. Our goal is to use the model to predict the pressure at depths that are not in the data. The pressure-depth data and model are given below. 45d contains all the data and more. For instance, we can use this equation to predict the pressure at a depth of 200 ft, a value that is not available from the data. 2 ? 45d Using the model In this section we learn how to make such models for data.

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