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By Malcolm Lader and IssaC. Marks (Auth.)

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Earlier in the year the town had received widespread adverse publicity during an epidemic of polio. Immediately before the epidemic of anxiety the schoolgirls went to a cathedral to attend a ceremony under Royal patronage. The ceremony was delayed by 3 hours due to late arrivals, and the girls waited in parade mainly outside the building. Twenty of them felt faint and had to break ranks to lie down. The next morning there was much chatter about fainting. At assembly in school there was one faint, followed shortly after by three girls saying they felt dizzy.

I n a Universit y Clini c n i Kual a Lumpur significantl y more Chines e tha n Malay s or Indian s presente d 484 with anxiet y neurosis. I n Bangko k more Chines e tha n Thai women 479 were foun d wit h neurose s n i whic h anxiet y featured. I ts i not clea r how much thi s reflect s th e margina l statu s of th e Chines e n i thos e CLINICAL ANXIETY 35 societies. The sex ratio may also differ across cultural groups. Yap534 found a great preponderance of men to women in Chinese patients with anxiety states in Hong Kong, whereas Western expatriates there who had similar problems were as often women as men.

99). These occur in the absence of other illness, and exist 30 CLINICAL ANXIETY independentl y of specifi c externa l situations . I n betwee n attack s th e patien t feel s relieve d but not completel y well . Ther e s i disagreemen t about whethe r anxiet y state s ar e a discret e homogeneou s clinica l 37,411502 532 syndrome ' ' an d thei r feature s undoubtedl y shad e n i many case s int o severa l othe r form s of neurosis . However , unti l furthe r componen t subgroup s hav e bee n reliabl y demonstrate d th e globa l categor y wil l remai n usefu l fo r descriptiv e purposes .

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