City of the Dead (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 2) - download pdf or read online

By John Whitman

ISBN-10: 0553506536

ISBN-13: 9780553506532

The planet Necropolis has the most important cemetary within the galaxy, and Zak accepts a dare to head there at the hours of darkness. yet might be he must have proposal two times. The our bodies should be buries, however it doesn't suggest they're useless.

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Tash stomped on the arm with her free foot, but the zombie was unaffected by pain. With its free hand, it continued to dig its way up from beneath the ground. Tash could see its dead face, still half-buried, leering up at her from the hole in the ground. Uncle Hoole dropped to his knees beside her, using both hands to pry the zombie's fingers away from Tash. But the creature was incredibly strong, and even together they could not break its grip. " Tash gasped. Hoole tried to remain calm, but even he looked worried.

He wiggled his toes. He couldn't move his arms or legs yet, but the cryptberry drug was wearing off. If the drug is wearing off that means I'm alive. I really am alive! Hope surged in Zak. If he was alive, there had to be something he could do. He filled his lungs with air and shouted "I'm alive! Somebody help me! " He wondered if the sound would reach up through the ground. He hoped it would. Now that he knew he was alive, he was desperate to get out of the coffin. He would soon run out of air.

Tash's brain was spinning in confusion. " Pylum smiled. " He pounded on the door. It slowly creaked open. Inside an army of zombies was waiting. CHAPTER 19 Tash screamed. Hoole didn't hesitate. In the blink of an eye, he did exactly as Pylum predicted. He quickly shape-shifted into an enormous wampa ice beast, using the creature's great claws to swipe at the zombies. His blows tossed them aside like feathers. But after every blow, the zombies simply stood up and started forward again, clutching at his arms and legs.

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City of the Dead (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 2) by John Whitman

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