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Within the outdated testomony, God commanded the folks of Israel to construct the Tabernacle with what He had informed them? —that is, with gold, silver, bronze, blue, crimson, and scarlet thread, high quality woven linen, goat? ’s hair, ram skins dyed purple, badger skins, and acacia wooden. Like this, it truly is with the gospel notice of the water and the Spirit, the fabrics of religion set through God, that we should also construct the holy condominium of religion in our hearts.

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We are used to speak of hell, something as final as heaven will be for the elect: Mt 13:42; Mk 8:42; Lk 16:23; Rev 21:5. No one can approach God without having been purified of all sin and impurity. What happens to all the believers who die in the grace of God but are also filled with imperfections and human desires? It has been a constant teaching of the Church that purification takes place during death or after death: 2 Mac 13:43; 1 Cor 3:15. INDEX OF THE GOSPEL (The words and numbers in bold type refer to Gospel texts with commentaries) Matthew Mark An angel announces the birth of John the Baptist The Annunciation to Mary Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth First steps of John the Baptist Jesus is born in Bethlehem Jesus is presented in the Temple First initiative of the young Jesus Luke 1:5 1:26 1:39 1:57 2:1 2:21 2:41 Jesus’ ancestors Jesus is born of a virgin mother The Magi come from the East The flight to Egypt 1:1 1:18 2:1 2:13 John the Baptist John’s preaching: Repentance John presents Jesus Jesus receives John’s baptism Jesus is tempted in the desert 3:1 3:7 3:11 3:13 4:1 3:23 1:1 1:7 1:9 1:12 3:1 3:7 3:15 Jesus and his first disciples The first miracle: the Wedding at Cana Jesus proclaims his mission in Nazareth Jesus calls his first disciples Jesus cures a demoniac in Capernaum Cures in Capernaum Night prayer of Jesus The Miraculous catch Cure of a leper The paralytic healed and forgiven The Captain’s servant Jesus calls the publican Levi New wine in new wineskins The man with a withered hand The twelve apostles of Jesus The Beatitudes Salt and light of the earth A more perfect Law: Reconciliation You will not commit adultery You will not swear Loving all people Doing good without bragging about it How to pray The Our Father Do not amass riches The lamp and the conscience Trust in God rather than in money John 1:19 1:35 2:1 4:12 4:18 8:14 8 9:1 8:5 9:9 9:14 12:9 10:1 5:1 5:13 5:17 5:27 5:33 5:38 6:1 6:5 6:9 6:19 6:22 6:24 1:14 1:21 1:29 1:35 1:40 2:1 2:13 2:18 3:1 3:13 4:31 4:40 4:42 5:1 5:12 5:17 7:1 5:27 5:33 6:6 6:12 6:20 12:34 6:27 11:25 11:1 11:34 16:13 12:22 4:46 INDEX OF THE GOSPEL 50 Matthew The plank and the speck Ask and you will receive The narrow door A tree is known by its fruits The house built on rock Mark 7:1 7:7 7:13 7:15 7:21 Luke 6:37 11:9 13:23 6:43 6:47 Jesus and Nicodemus John the Baptist’s last testimony Jesus and the Samaritan woman The paralytic at the Bethsaida pool Jesus raises the widow’s son John the Baptist’s messengers Jesus praises John the Baptist The sinful woman and the Pharisee The women who follow Jesus The true family of Jesus The sin against the Spirit John 3:1 3:22 4:1 5:1 11:2 7:11 7:18 7:24 7:36 8:1 8:19 11:17 12:10 12:46 12:25 3:31 3:23 The comparison of the sower The seed which grows by itself The wheat and the weeds The mustard seed; the yeast The treasure, the pearl, the net Jesus calms the storm The demoniac of Gerasa Jesus raises the daughter of Jairus Is this not the carpenter?

Since Hebrew culture did not make the distinction between body and soul (see 83), they said that people would emerge from dust, or that they would have life again on Judgment day: Dn 12:2; 2 Mac 7. At that same time Greek culture influenced Israel: the Greeks saw in each person something material, the body, and the soul (which gives life), oftentimes different from the spirit, in search of truth and good: 1 Thes 5:23. For this reason, Wisdom, the last of the Old Testament books, says that the soul (or the spirit) is immortal and it meets God at death: Wis 2 and 3.

BIBLICAL TEACHING 20. The Spirit and Christian Spirituality 200 201 202 203 204 205 42 Christian life was formerly called the way (Acts 9:2, 19:9, 16:17, 18:25; 2 P 2:2) and it was not based on special commands (Acts 15:18) to such an extent that Paul relates the demands of sexual morality to faith in Christ and not to any particular law (1 Cor 6:1; 1 Thes 4:2). Christians of Jewish background spoke at times as if Jesus had confirmed the Law of the Old Testament (James 1:25, 2:12, 4:11), but usually they understood that the new Law proclaimed by Jesus (com.

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