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By Stefan Djuric, Dimitry Komarov, Claudio Pantaleoni

ISBN-10: 9056912038

ISBN-13: 9789056912031

This quantity is helping rookies to improve a fantastic realizing of primary starting rules, supplies informal avid gamers the power to decide on the outlet that matches their variety and style, is a device for membership avid gamers to check and evaluate their establishing repertoire, in addition to a reference booklet to which complex avid gamers maintain returning. The authors don't propagate forcing tactical diversifications to be memorized automatically, yet clarify what you have to really be attempting to in attaining while taking part in the outlet of your selection. via highlihting very important strikes and key positions in colour, Chess establishing necessities lets you get out of any commencing fit and offers you a origin on which to construct your repertoire.

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Vd3 dS! exdS Evans Gambit . xdS! ttJc31 b d4 [14 .. ttJdS! 'ifeS! ( lS ... 'iYxdl 16Jlfxdl±; IS ... l1xc7! hl!? cxb6 17 . ttJd5! tWxa1 0-0 [J 6... b6! eS (lSJXbl-+) IS ... eS ~cS 1SJtc1+- [L:. tc4 1-0 Chigorin,Mikhail Lasker,Emanuel ,. ~d5 Kasparov,Garry Anand, Viswanathan . cxdS , cxd6 -- . ~e4 l:xf1 + 26. d5 1-0 " [9 ... tlhc3 f6 (10 ... dS! tOd4+-; a little better is this sugges-' tion of Fischer ' himself: 9 ... 'ifb4! hgS? :ldS ~xb3 Berlin 1852 ' . b4 [ 10 .. tOgS... :le5 [J l. 'ifb3! M!

T. ~ White should be able to maintain some advantage here by either taking on h8 or g6. Nonetheless, the introduction of { .. dS!? brought about a brief period of popularity for the Latvian CounterGambit. Today it is almost never played at a serious level, except by correspondence players, who in general like long forced lines of play. The Latvian fits the bill nicely in this respect and thus enjoys a certain popularity with this group ofplayers. Nikola . lLlc3 lLlf6 11:iWh4 . Ve5+ .. tpdb5+ 1-0 ;x Guido,Flavio Hector,Jonny Genova 1989 (10) .

With a position that was for years thought to be advantageous for Black. l:[e31, with the idea of Uh3 and a queen check on hs. The resulting position is not so clear. However, White's position continues to be viewed with some scepticism. 82) 7. ~c1-d2 This is the most played move: now Black can more ambitiously continue with the rare but promising 7 ... ttlxe4!? t>e6!. However, more often than not he opts for the solid 7. ~b4xd2+ 8. ttJb1 xd2 d7-d5 Necessary to free up play. 9. e4xd5 ttJf6xd5 10.

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Chess Opening Essentials: The Ideas & Plans Behind ALL Chess Openings, The Complete 1. e4 (Volume 1) by Stefan Djuric, Dimitry Komarov, Claudio Pantaleoni

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