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By Graham Burgess

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The most sensible chess, 1900-1999, in historic context: just like the remainder of the area, the sport of chess has replaced significantly in the course of the twentieth century. This publication surveys those advancements by means of concentrating on the pinnacle occasions, maximum achievements and so much excellent video games, year-by-year.

This instructive and fascinating booklet areas the chess fabric in its ancient context with a evaluate of the most tales of every yr clear of the chessboard. it's going to satisfaction all people with a normal curiosity in chess and its gamers, whether or not they are looking for to enhance their online game, achieve a greater appreciation of our chess historical past, or just searching for entertainment.

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25 l:txg7+ �h8 26 �g5 forces mate. The text-move tries to turn the battery on the fl-a6 diagonal into a pin, but White can now play directly for mate. 24 'ife5 ! :tc5 24 . . t>e8 27 'i'g8+ �d7 28 �e5+ wins; 24 . . g4 26 'ifxg4 g6 27 'ii'xa4 nets a piece. 25 'it'g3! g6 26 l:txa4 White is a piece up and still has mating threats. th4 After 12 �d2 l:txe2+ ( 1 2 .. fxe2 1 3 'ii'b 1 isn't so clear) 13 'ifxe2 (if 13 �c l , then 13 ... e6 threat­ ens 14 ... �b5#) 1 3 . . �xe2 the two pieces should prove better than the rook.

Black has developed two minor pieces actively, while White's structure is defective. However, it is not clear how Black is to complete his kingside development, in view of the pressure on the a1 -h8 diagonal. Capablanca finds an elegant solution: 10 ... g6! fxh8? Vxe3+. Vd2 'fie4) 1 2 .. 'i'xe3+ and . 0-0-0. d4 g5 ! Capablanca makes good use of the rook on the g-file, which had seemingly gone there only to help the bishop develop. The game is sharp­ ened considerably, and White is forced to play very accurately, which he does, up to a point.

Vxf4+ gxf4 25 h4 f3 26 l:td 1 f2+ 27 �h2 tbg3 28 l:td2 tbxh 1 29 �xh 1 l:txg2, winning. �e7 25 b4? 25 h4 is better, as 25 . . g2. 25 ... b7 27 g3 tbd2! A highly attractive move. fc3? xg2 3 1 �xg2 d5 is a good ending for Black. 28 ... tbf3+ 29 �f2 'i'f8 Now Black is clearly winning. fxh2+ 0-1 w J. Capablanca - A. Alekhine Exhibition game, St Petersburg 1913 This was the first game between these two men, who were subsequently to become great rivals. e4! b5? CHESS HIGHUGHTS OF THE 20TH CENTURY 37 9 .

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