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By Igor Khmelnitsky

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The unique best-selling Chess examination and coaching advisor (IamCoach Press, 2004) scored rave reports from readers and specialists alike. It gained the very prestigious Cramer top ebook award from the CJA (Chess newshounds of the United States) and has been translated into French and Russian. during this sequel, the point of interest is solely on strategies. no matter if you're a newbie or a pro grasp, this e-book may help you to judge your present point, determine your weaknesses, and get education suggestion. you will find: 60 diagrams with one hundred twenty multiple-choice questions of various complexity. complete solutions with diagrams to make reviewing more uncomplicated. Distributions of solutions and different statistical experiences by way of ranking. effects are evaluated and scores are assigned total and via 29(!) certain sub-categories. entire experiences on all the different types with examples, education innovations and coaching fabric feedback. How do you enhance your Tactical skill? the way is via enhancing your knowing of tactical rules and fixing tactical positions.

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Tt:le2 'i:fb6 I 2 . bxc3 tt:le4 1 4. 0 - 0 �fS a s played in the game Kotov-Botvinni k , USSR Championship, Moscow I 9 4 0 . Black is clearly better. After the apparently logical 8 . tt:lf3 all problems are solved by 8 . . cxd4! (also possible is 8 . . e3 �fS I 1 . � xe4 �xe4 1 3 . 'i:fa4+ tt:lc6 I 4 . tt:l e 5 ? g i �e4 as played by Ponomariov in a rapid game against Malakhov, Khanty­ Mansiysk 2009) 9 . e3 0 - 0 . 56 �b4xc3! An improvement on the Mikenas game mentioned above, which went: 8 .

1 9 . 'it'xg4 fxg4 2 0 . xe5 tt:::l xe5 =) 1 6 . . tt:::l x h5 ! l 7 . txd8 'irf4+ 1 8 . W b l 'ifxh4 1 9 . xg 2 2 0 . g6 and Black is no worse. 1 5. 0-0-0 After this natural move Black's position rapidly falls apart. 1 5 . tc6xg2 There was no escape after l 5 . . tt:::l b d7 l 6 . he l +- �e4 ( 1 6 . . xg5 1 8 . 'it'd4) 1 7 . �f3 ! ) 1 7 . . 'it'xh5 tt:::l f6 1 9 . ixf6 'ifxf6 2 0 . 'irb5 + ! winning. 1 6. 1 7. 1 8. 1 9. h1 -e1 �e2-h5! d 1 -d8+ 'irh4xh5 �g2-e4 tt:::l f6xh5 we8-f7 1 -0 1 9 .

E S Kasparov-Short, 9th match game. London Wch I 9 9 3 . 8. Nikolic handled this position differ­ ently against Kasparov (Belgrade 1 9 8 9 ) : 7 . . a3 the weakening of the kingside proved un­ justified. Going for counterplay in the centre appears to be a more logical plan. 8. 0-0-0? Amazing naivety for a chess player of such quality ! Keres repeats the game Mikenas-Botvinnik, USSR Champion­ ship. Moscow 1 94 0 , probably having trusted the result. Also unconvincing is 8 . e 3 ? cxd4 9 .

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