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Analytics the tactic of Logical research you're invited to take an instructive trip with essentially the most winning chess coaches of our period, Greek grandmaster Efstratios Grivas. Over forty serious facets of the royal online game are tested by means of this skilled, well-respected coach. Grivas offers nearly 240 video games, such a lot with entire rankings to aid comprehension, illustrating his subject matters with functional, insightful examples and factors. And the handy constitution of the e-book is such that the reader could choose and select the subjects in any order. issues comprise: Pinning, Shattered Pawns, the vulnerable d5-square, Doubled f-pawns, the Double alternate Sacrifice, the f4 holiday, making plans, starting Diagonals, Small merits, Sacrifices for the Initiative, Rook vs. Bishop Pair, fake Guards, Pawns at the 7th Rank and plenty of extra!

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L"!. xd7 �h4 2 9 . l"!. xg7+ 'it' x g7 30 . �xe2 �h2+ -+ ) 27 . . �e3 h5! oo . 21 ... 4)h5! 2 1 . xf2 �xa8 oo was a fair alternative, but the text is stronger. gxh3 �xh3 2 5 . l"!. 'it'xf2 Black has no more than perpetual check. But this is not true, as after 26 . . g7 + he is on top. 22 ... f{xf2 4)g3+1 The second "dance! hxg3? leads to mate: 24 . . �c4 <£\f4. 24... �xa8 Black does not really care about the a8-knight; he only wants to use the g 1 a7 diagonal ! Ac4 2 5 . h x g3 fxg3 2 6 . l"!.

Xe2 �cl + -+ . 'il¥xa5? il¥xe2! � xe2 �xe2. 21 ... �xa4 White has an elegant way of get­ ting his rook o ff the e2-square with tempo: player would easily understand that the game will end by a double attack threat­ ening mate and the rook. 22. 'il¥xc8!. Nothing is offered by 33 . . h4! 22 ... �xb7! �h1 �c4! �h1 �e4! (32) Rovner - Kamishov Moscow 1 946 (D) It's important to drive the queen away from its best square, e l . Black gets nothing from 36 . . 'il¥d2? �xe5 or 36 . . h4 or, finally, 36 ...

0-0? Ah6± or 14 . . ilh6 ± White should be more than happy. 15 . ,ilxf8 Wxf8 There is no salvation with 20 . . §f4 +- . 21 . §gd4 Ac6 (D) The alternative 1 5 . . t¥c7 is of no help, especially after 16 . § a4! ± . 16. §a4! ild6 as in Galkin-Yemelin, St Petersburg 1 994, when Black's attack is strong. 12 ... E{f4! f5 Black was lost anyway: 22 ... �e3 +- . exf6 e5 24. �d3! 1-0 Black resigned as he will not survive long: 24 . . f7+. (18) Chiburdanidze - Grivas Athens 1 984 Ruy Lopez [C84] Black is about to conclude his plan, so White must act.

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