New PDF release: Causation and free will

By Carolina Sartorio

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Carolina Sartorio argues that simply the particular explanations of our behaviour subject to our freedom. Causation has a few very important gains that make it a responsibility-grounding relation, and real factors replicate the brokers' sensitivity to purposes. Sartorio connects debates on causation and the matter of unfastened will in new and illuminating ways.

summary: Carolina Sartorio argues that in simple terms the particular factors of our behaviour subject to our freedom. Causation has a few very important good points that make it a responsibility-grounding relation, and genuine motives replicate the brokers' sensitivity to purposes. Sartorio connects debates on causation and the matter of unfastened will in new and illuminating methods

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33 Briefly, my argument relied on cases where agents are responsible for an outcome without making an individual causal contribution to it. In those cases, I argued, the agents are responsible only by virtue of being part of a collective cause of the outcome. So we can still link them to the outcome in a way that can ground their responsibility, but not via their individual causal contributions. 34 According to one version of the story, a man fills his canteen with water before taking a trip into the desert.

Fischer is very explicit about this. He writes: “I claim that an agent’s moral responsibility for an action is supervenient on the actual physical causal influences that issue in the action” (Fischer (1987), in Fischer (2006, p. 72)). THE GROUNDS OF FREEDOM  section and in successive chapters, it’s hard to reconcile their views with the supervenience claim. I believe that, in developing an actual-sequence view, one should try one’s best to remain faithful to the initial motivation for that kind of view, so as to not lose track of what made the view initially plausible, and why it seemed attractive in the first place.

So the idea is that, not only will the agent’s freedom supervene on all of X’s causes, but it will also supervene, more specifically, on those causes that help ground the agent’s freedom. What  THE GROUNDS OF FREEDOM those causes are will depend, of course, on the details of one’s actualsequence view. So which principle best captures the supervenience claim made by an actual-sequence view, W or S? It should be obvious that it’s S. If one endorses an actual-sequence view, one doesn’t just want to claim that freedom supervenes on whole causal histories; one also wants to claim, more specifically, that freedom supervenes on the relevant elements of the causal histories: those that ground the freedom of agents.

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