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By Coel Hellier

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This article offers a variety of illustrations of the saw variability of cataclysmic variable stars. It offers a transparent rationalization and thorough updated evaluate of this phenomenon at a degree obtainable to the complicated beginner or undergraduate scholar.

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The dichotomy m a y be more than a simple oddity, as we discuss later. T h e luminosity of these stars is determined primarily by the mass of the helium core, and secondarily by the initial helium abundance. 04logZ . 5 1 - 1 {— 1 M3 . 4 1 . 2 log period F i g . 15. M3 RR Lyrae periods vs. B pulsational amplitudes. Note the rise from low-amplitude pulsation at the cool/red/long period edge of the distribution and the rise to large amplitudes at higher temperatures and densities Note that increasing the helium abundance increases the luminosity of the HB, while it diminishes the luminosity of the main sequence turn-off (see Fig.

Mass Transfer. A variety of explanations for blue stragglers have been advanced over the years. Like most mysteries, much of the evidence is circumstantial and one obtains a solution in the Holmesian fashion of eliminating the impossible, leaving the truth, however improbable, behind. We hope. Delayed star formation in globular clusters can be eliminated since their high velocities and passage through the Galactic plane every 10^ or so years would sweep them clean of gas. Pulsationally-driven mass loss (Willson et al.

The line gives the linear least squares bisector fit rizontal branches, the two parameters are related. As {B — F)peak approaches - 0 . 0 2 , B2/{B ^V ^R) changes dramatically. Buonanno et al. (1997) did a linear regression between the two parameters, and then compared the difference between a cluster's observed value of B2/{B -\-V-\-R) with the value 'predicted by the regression and then plotted that residual difference vs. the cluster's central density. A clear trend was seen: bluer horizontal branches (larger value of B2/{B -\-V^R) than predicted) correlated with log ^o- AH is not so simple, however, and this exercise illustrates the importance of proper care with linear regressions.

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