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II. Series. 3'32 C90-095913-4 Copyright © 1991 by Eugene Monick. All rights reserved. INNER CITY BOOKS Box 1271, Station Q, Toronto, Canada M4T 2P4 Telephone (416) 927-0355 FAX 416-924-1814 Honorary Patron: Marie-Louise von Franz. Publisher and General Editor: Daryl Sharp. Senior Editor: Victoria Cowan. G. Jung. Cover: Henri Matisse, La Musique (detail), 1910. G. Jung 55 The hero 57 Wotan and individuation 59 What does it mean to integrate the feminine? 66 3 Castration and Male Rage 78 Male-Male Castration 79 Female-Male Castration 83 Auto-Castration 86 Societal Castration 89 Castration by Fate 93 Ontological Castration 96 Rage 98 The Paradox of Castration 104 Page 6 4 Coming to Terms with Castration 108 Signs of Castration 108 Antidotes to Castration 112 Mentoring 112 Touching 114 Collegiality 117 Sadness 119 Respect 121 Deconstruction 123 5 Epilogue: Masthead Reborn 126 Bibliography 136 Index 139 Page 7 My work will be continued by those who suffer.

Freud claims that the boy is in love with his mother, drawn to her, desirous of her, powered by his instinctual nature. ) The boy is already aware of his penis and of the ability it has to give him pleasure. He is also becoming aware of his father's connection to his mother, as her opposite and erotic partner, and the boy's opponent. The issue at this juncture is the boy's dissociation from the mother as a projection of the boy's own self-image, a radical disjuncture in his personal identification process.

13 In Jung's understanding of psychic energy, libido includes such elemental human requirements as creativity, connection with the "other," and ecstasy, the spiritual movement from ego to Self. Viewed from a masculine perspective, libido, identified as it is with phallos, finds no other subjective source of definition apart from the energized symbol of male gender. A man lies in bed at night wondering about life, about who he is, about reality as contained within his personal experience. His hand finds his organ and he touches it, recalling his own encounters with transpersonal connection.

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