Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques PDF

By Brian Jacques

ISBN-10: 1440623961

ISBN-13: 9781440623967

The Flying Dutchman! The legend of the wind-tattered ghost send and its mad sea Captain, cursed to sail the seas perpetually, has been handed down in the course of the centuries. yet what of the younger boy and his puppy who have been trapped aboard that send? What grew to become of them?

during this, considered one of Brian Jacques's most unique adventures, the castaway boy and puppy trigger on an everlasting trip in their personal, braving icy wind and waves to reach at unusual seashores, and discover new locations and occasions. The not going Chapelvale village is their first vacation spot, a Victorian city less than siege. If Ben and his puppy, Ned, may also help the townspeople determine the clues and riddles hidden underneath floorboards and deep inside of wells--perhaps they could retailer Chapelvale and its humans as well.

Brian Jacques as you have got by no means visible him prior to!

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Neb nodded twice, watching for the next question. ” Neb shook his head twice. He stood looking at the deck, aware of the captain’s piercing stare, waiting to be dismissed. “Maybe ’tis no bad thing, I’ve heard it said that silence is golden. Are you golden, boy? ” Neb shrugged expressively. The captain’s hand strayed to his vest pocket, and he patted it. “Luck is for fools who believe that sort of thing. I make my own luck. ” Immediately he applied himself to the food. Wrinkling his nose in distaste, he looked up at Neb.

Petros tried to make it from the galley to the fo’c’sle cabin. As he opened the galley door, the ship was struck by a giant wave, a great, milky-white comber. It slammed the galley door wide, dragging the cook out like a cork from a bottle, flooding inside and snuffing out the fire in the stove with one vicious hiss. When it was gone, so was the cook, the huge wave carrying his unconscious body with it, out into the fathomless ocean. Neb and Denmark were in the captain’s cabin, viewing the scene through the thick glass port in the cabin door.

The five men who had been sent for provisions came tumbling aboard, followed by Vanderdecken like an avenging angel. He laid about them with the knotted rope end that he had snatched from Petros, thrashing them indiscriminately, his voice thundering out with righteous wrath. “Brainless gin-sodden morons. Half a day lost because of your stupidity! Can’t you keep your snouts out of flagons long enough to do a simple task? ” The Dutchman showed no mercy. He flogged the five hands with furious energy, savagely booting flat any man who tried to rise or crawl away.

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